///5 Ways To Invest In Leaders

5 Ways To Invest In Leaders

If you want more than warm bodies volunteering in your ministry you are going to need to spend time investing in them. You might feel like you don’t have enough time, but then again you can’t afford to take your ministers for granted.


When you invest in your ministers they will step up their commitment.  They will stand by your side and help your ministry succeed.  To get that type of return investment you need to:


Don’t be afraid to raise the bar.  In fact treat your ministers like they are paid staff. Create systems and structures that will dictate certain behaviors and then communicate it clearly.


The people who serve with you each week are giving up time, so make sure they feel valued.  When you show them that you care about what’s important to them they’ll return the favor.  They’ll see serving alongside of you as an opportunity to invest in you personally.


Your ministers will have specific reasons as to why they got involved, but does it match up with yours?  Any misalignment in vision can derail a program’s progress.

Clarify the “WHY?” through the vision and mission of the ministry.  Drill it into their minds.  Make sure your ministers know their purpose and why it matters.


Not only do you need to invest in ministers personally but spiritually as well.  When you challenge your team to grow deeper in faith they will see the deeper meaning to serving.

Connect them to small groups at your church. Introduce them to books and resources that encourage discipleship.  Remind them that they need God just as much as the teens they are serving.


A big way of investing in others is allowing them to weigh in on important decisions.  This isn’t for all of your ministers, but for the ones that you trust and believe have leadership potential.

Ask their opinion and invite them to meetings where strategy is laid out.  When they feel like they are a part of heavy decision-making they’ll have a bigger buy in.

Your ministers signed up for your ministry to be a part of something big.  If you want serious help growing your ministry invest in the men and women who have sacrificed time to be with you.  The time you spend on them is worth more than the time you spend on any activity or program.

What’s worked for you when investing in ministers?


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