What are your “rules” for living with friends?

The street kids in Kitale, Kenya often frequent a drop-in center and have created some self-governing rules for their community. I took a photo of their work:

I found this to be fascinating! Orphans, who live on the streets, sniff glue to keep warm and numb their hunger, come together in a make-shift shack and form a community. These rules weren’t created by the organizers of the drop-in center, they were created by the kids themselves.

If the community that you most closely associate were to create “community rules”…what would they be? I think it would be both fun and interesting to read a bunch of lists.

What 5 community rules would you suggest to those you do life with? If several people participate, I’ll compile the lists and make a PDF that you can download. I think it could become a helpful tool when teaching about living in community.

What are yours? What guidelines would best enhance your closest relationships? Share them here.