Want to start a conversation with a group of girls in your ministry?

Here is the deal…it’s real easy. In fact, 2013 provide many viral video moments to get girls talking.

I want to share you with my favorite 5 videos from 2013. Plus I’ll provide a few questions to kickstart the dialogue.

5. The Sexy Lie



1. Why is “sexy” not empowering?

2. She talked about how much time girls spend thinking about our bodies, why do you think we (or girls) do that?

3. What were the action steps she mentioned?


4. Labels Against Women




1. What do you think about the labels in this commercial?

2. Do you ever feel like people treat you differently because you are a girl?

3. Does our church/student ministry ever make you feel this way?



Tune in tomorrow for more simple video ideas to get the ladies talking in your ministry!