One of my favorite things our team loves to do is go on campuses. whether its for plays, sports or just to go hang at lunch, we try to take advantage of it. We try to go on a campus twice a week. Not every week allows this but that is the goal. It fun to see students where they are at and to meet some new ones. Here are 5 thoughts on the benefits of going on campuses:

You see them in their “natural habitat” –  We wouldn t like to think it but some students act different when they are at church than when they are school. The environments are different. The atmosphere is different. We get to see them where they are most of the day for most of the week so when you are on campus, take a look around and take some notes. We can learn something, both good and bad. 

Bonus points if parents see you – If you are at a game or track meet and you run into a parent, you earn more and more chips. What a great way to get to minister and connect with a family. Most parents love the fact that there is another adult who cares about their child and wants to see them succeed. Most parents don’t mind another adult speaking a positive influence in their kid’s life. Going on campus when parents are on campus is always a great deal.

You get to meet friends who you wouldn’t meet at church – One of my favorite things is when I see a student on campus and they are with their friends and they have to explain to them how they know me. Most of the time, they are pumped to see our staff on campus and they will come up and chat for a bit with their friends. usually it’s friends who never been to our church before and it is a great way to make that first connection.

The faculty gets to know you – The more and more you get on campus the more and more the staff at the school knows who you are and what you are about. Follow their rules, don’t be “that guy”. One of our staff is the freshmen basketball coach at a high school and it’s great because we already have then in. We can walk on the field during football games and track meets and he gets us easy access because they know him already. Be friends with the staff and they will be a great asset.

You remind them that they matter – When we go into their world we remind them that they are worth coming to visit. We had a kick recently go to the hospital. Our team went to go see him when he got home and you could have thought he just won a million bucks. When we visit our students at school just to hang and be with them, it shows we truly do care.