School is back in session! Crazy. I don’t know about you but I cant believe summer is over. But this does not mean the craziness of summer starts. Now begins the craziness of the fall. When it comes moving your vision for your ministry, these four things can help you and your volunteers push forward in the fall:

Do You Have Measurable Goals: Lots of people have an idea of what they want as leaders, but not many people put down goals. Measurable goals. People say, “I want to be more involved with students lives.” “I want to do this in this ministry” which is great, but HOW are you going to do it? Because if you have a great idea and not sure how you are going to do it, its like having a Ferrari with no gas. Looks really good, but it goes nowhere. How will you know if you succeed if you don’t have things in which you can measure? You need measurable goals within your ministry to help you move forward.

Goals are the gas to get the vision to where it needs to be.

What Will It Take To Go To Extraordinary: When I think of extraordinary I think of Apple, Disney and Starbucks. They do a really good job of creating extraordinary things and experiences. At our church the question is always asked, “What is it going to take to make it go from ordinary to extraordinary?” I love that question.

Let me be clear, extraordinary does not mean expensive. Extraordinary shoots for the “WOW” moment. This is where students say “Wow, that was cool.” It could something we program for the service or it could be something as simple or meaningful for following up with a first time student who a leader met with a text or phone call or a call after a leader prayed with a student the night before. I think Jesus is worth it to give the very best effort in everything we do. 

Identify The Gifting You Have Been Given: I find lots of leaders lot around them and they see others killing it, who get it, who own it and they start comparing thinking, “Well if I was more outgoing I would”. “If I was funnier I would…” “If I was younger I would…” “If I was in charge I would…” 

Look at what God has given you: your gifts, your personality, your past, our experiences… and then use them. Why would God give you more responsibility if you are not using what he have you in the first place. When Moses told God that he could not go in front of Pharaoh God asked Moses, “What’s in your hand?” He said he staff and had him though it on the ground and it turned into a snake.  Once He realized God could use him with what he had, his whole attitude changed. Same thing when we grasp this idea.

No One Can Do It Alone: This one is simple. We need teamwork. Basically means everybody on the team is dependable and you have to ask yourself when it comes to serving, “Am I dependable?” Every successful team needs dependable people to keep moving forward in your vision. It’s that simple. No one’s ministry can achieve greatness by the pastor and the pastor alone. It needs people who see the grander vision help it move forward…together.