Teams work! I am so blessed to play apart of a few teams. I’m definitely better because of others!

[This photo is from YSPalooza/Chicago]

* I just walked into my office after recording another episode of The Youth Ministry Garage and I’m so grateful for that team.

* Yesterday I sat for a few hours with the Board of Directors of HomeWord, along with my friend and co-worker Jim Burns and was thankful for the partnership and teamwork that we get to share.

* Next week I fly out to meet my good buddy Duffy Robbins to deliver a seminar that we do called Building a Faith That Lasts. It’s no secret that we have a pretty fun team/partnership.

* The last two weeks I’ve been to Charlotte and Chicago with Mark Matlock for YSPalooza and am blown away that I get to be part of that particular YS event that hosts and trains youth ministry teams.

* I’m helping one of my long-term friends start a church and next week our small leadership team is spending a day at a conference in San Diego.

I was just thinking about some of the results that I’ve seen from teams that have come to YSPalooza (which are incredible), and also began thinking about what our new little team will experience next week in San Diego as we commit to a time of team-training. I know there’s many more than these, but here are 4 benefits of training with your team:

1. It’s more fun to be with others who share common visions/values.

2. There’s power in strategic alignment. When all oars are rowing in the same direction the outcome is better.

3. A sense of unity is developed when you “stack-hands” with others on a specific training.

4. Longevity is empowered. When you learn together, play together, serve together, pray together, and tackle a goal together… you don’t want to leave that team.

After leaving a church staff team after 29 years, the element of “team” was the most painful void I felt. In the last couple of years, I’m so thankful that God has met my needs and blessed me with incredible teams.

Whether it’s a monthly leaders’ meeting, an event like YSPalooza or NYWC, a class that you do together, or an online learning… invest in training and invest in one another.

Question: What benefits do you see from training as a team? Share your thoughts here.

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