Been thinking about this subject personally a little on and off, it came to a head in a conversation with my wife last night. Here are 3 “simple” reminders us as youth workers need to remember every day:

God is doing a work in your ministry. Why He’s chosen you and I in this time and place is His to know. You have less to do with the success of your ministry than you probably think. Be faithful and work hard, but know that it is God that brings in the increase and it is all about Him. When you start to think you’re something, you’ve taken a step backward.

It’s not about numbers. Success in youth ministry is about more than numbers. Some well-meaning people around you might thing otherwise, but they’re wrong. You can tell them that. Good youth ministry is what matters most – caring relational youth workers loving students and pointing them to Jesus.

It’s not about arriving. I’m afraid too often we think that someday we’ll arrive and we will … when we arrive in Heaven. Until then, be a learner and a humble servant of God.