Do you have a youth ministry budget? Be thankful for what you’ve got – but also be a good steward of it. Inexperienced and optimistic youth workers often make some key mistakes and waste the church’s money and the precious resources dedicated to the youth ministry. Here’s are some ways to make sure you make every dollar count:

Order it in advance!
Chances are if you’re buying something at the last minute, you are going to pay a premium price. Avoid those costly fees, rush charges and sticker shock by taking some time to prepare well for your event.

Always “guesstimate” low
There’s a certain science that goes into youth ministry formulas – here’s one rule of thumb that will pay you back almost every time: most often a camp or hotel will be thrilled to take on some extra people, and will be strict to meet your contracted minimums. Which means you should guesstimate low and call them the day before to add a few more heads. Call them a few days before with a few short and expect to pay a penalty or get stuck with a bill at the end of the week.

Beg, borrow and steal
A great way to stretch your dollars is to not spend any at all! When you plan your next event ask for some space in the church bulletin to list out a few items someone may have. Maybe start a Facebook group that you ping whenever you need coolers or an EZ-up. Chances are what you need is already owned by someone in your church! The key is making the connection to it!

What other ways do you work to keep youth ministry costs low?


PS: One way to stretch your youth ministry budget is by picking up a DYM Membership, too!