I’m surrounded by some pretty incredible people. As I worked though a list of the people I do ministry with a few things hit me. What qualities stand out as things I value most? I’m going to answer that by not naming names, but by talking about the type of person they are. These are the type of people that fuel me and push me forward as I process our relationship:

People who empower others
Want to endear yourself to your leader? Get 5 new volunteers into different roles this week. Empower some students to take some pressure off the pastor. Pour into people who will pour into people. Start grooming your replacement. Give up some of your key people in the youth ministry to key positions in the church. The people in my ministry I value most are empowering others in droves.

People who share life with me
I love people who are “sharers” – people who share their lunch (I’m going to steal it anyways), their passions, their dreams and their frustrations with me. I love people who dream big with me and allow me to push them further than they ever expected straight into them.

People who love well
There’s something incredible about people who genuinely love you as a leader. People who would literally take a bullet for you – I hope that never has to happen but I know some close friends that are always by my side ready to jump. People who work long hours when everyone else is gone, sacrifice to give to others, people who love my children and the students in your ministry.

These are the people that fuel me. I’m surrounded by them. What types of people do you value in your life?