Something did not look right. The television looked like it was slightly leaning forward from the wall. I thought to myself, I can deal with this small imperfection. 10 minutes later the television, the mount and I were on the ground cursing the heavens.

After reviewing the instructions I realized that I had used the wrong screw in the wrong place of the bracket. After making a few small adjustments the television mounted perfectly on the wall. However, you’ll still catch me day to day looking at it wondering, “When’s that thing going to fall?”

Believe it or not some of the major frustrations you face in youth ministry can be resolved with a few small adjustments. Such as:

STRAIGHTENING YOUR WORK SPACE: A cluttered desk is the result of a cluttered mind. Not just your desk, but every space and environment you use should stay clean. That means designating time to straighten up. By making a few small adjustments you’ll find yourself saving time. You’ll also feel better about where you work.

BUILDING IN 5-10 MINUTES OF MARGIN: Give yourself 5-10 minutes at the end of every meeting. Try to get to work a few minutes ahead of time. Might not seem like a lot, but it will give you time to:

  • Breathe
  • Prepare
  • Reflect

That way you won’t rush through the day and you’ll make less mistakes.

TAKING A BREAK FROM YOUR DESK: Your desk can feel like a prison. Whether it’s lunch or a 15 minute break, step away from your desk. That includes your phone as well. Do not worry about email or social media.

When you can step out and then walk back in you will be able to tackle your work with a fresh perspective. It gives you a chance to refocus and clear your mind.

When big problems emerge it doesn’t always mean big solutions. Look at making small adjustments. Tweak your environments and habits. You’ll find these simple changes leading to great results.

What other small adjustments can we make to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our ministry?