When you get that random call from someone questioning why you are doing or have already done something in your ministry can make your stomach drop really quick.

The “I need to talk to you about _____________” text.

**Shivers down the spine


Deep down we want to be liked. Even if you are okay with people being mad at you, you still want people to like you. It’s a human thing.

What about when you make a decision in your ministry in which you know it is needed but others may not see eye to eye? What about the upset parent or elder? I hear of too many youth workers worried about what others will say about the ministry in which they run not do something, move forward, or act on something they know they need to do because someone will be upset.

Trust me, I understand. But it does not have to be this way. When we understand we don’t need to worry about everyone but only worry about a few someone’s, we will be able to move our ministry in a way that is effective.

Let’s assume you have already done the work and ran whatever you want to move forward with your own volunteer team. You have it all planned. You are ready to move forward and you know it is going to make some people mad. You are about to kill the “sacred cow”, that beloved event, the thing they have always done but is no longer effective. What would you say you only need to have 3 approvals to move forward and not have to worry about all of the others who could be upset?

If you can grasp this, you will be a better leader.

3 People You Need Approval From And No One Else:

  1. God – Yup. Super pastor answer but if you have not gone to God with where you are going then you have already lost. I don’t want to go anywhere where God is not. I want to make sure whatever we are dong, direction we are going or thing we are killing is honoring to God and something that we feel he is calling us to do. If he is in it, yes you might face opposition from people, but it won’t stop Him from moving.
  2. Your direct supervisor – This person is the one who you report to. You answer to this person with your time, decisions, budget etc. If what you are planning on doing is not supported by your direct supervisor, you probably are just being divisive. “Well they don’t know what I’m trying to do.” “They don’t understand me.” Maybe, but it’s your job to cast the vision and get them behind where you are wanting to do. We just killed a Sunday Morning JH Bible study because in all honesty, it was not good. We knew it was going to get some people upset but I knew my supervisor was behind me and knew why we were doing it and when the backlash came, he was able to support me and have my back.
  3. Your senior pastor – The big eagle. For some, your senior pastor is your direct supervisor, if so, go back and read what I said above again. If your senior pastor knows what you are doing and planning and is able to sign off on whatever it is, then you are golden. Last thing they need from the youth pastor is a surprise when angry people call. If your senior leader signs off, you are untouchable because he knows, he can have your back, and he can help cast the vision. I know my senior pastor is on board with me and the vision I have for the ministry because it lines up with his vision of the church. I know he has my back.

Here is the truth:

If those 3 sign off on what you are doing, it does not matter what others think or say about the direction you are going.

Honestly. Yes, people will be upset. That is okay. People might not understand. It’s your job to help them understand (nicely). They may be upset at you but a big time pastor once said “Criticism is the cost of anointing. If God is going to move through you, expect to be criticized.”

Understanding this will be able to help you move forward in what you need to do and not worry about what others say or think. You have been put in charge of your ministry for a reason, if your direct supervisor and senior leader have your back and you have gone before the Lord you can and will some incredible things in your leadership.