For helping Doug Elliot sell his PS3 on eBay, he’s buying me the Burger King games as a little thank you gift. Wired just posted their reviews of the games – so now I’m really excited.

Big Bumpin’ puts you behind the padded wheel of an amusement park bumper car. Several different arenas feature such family-friendly enhancements as saw blades and trap doors, and you compete against other bumper drivers in competitions ranging from a soccerlike game to a destruction derby.

This title has “party game” spray-painted all over it: It’s not much to look at when sitting and playing by yourself, but it’s a good game to pull out when some friends of varying skill with a controller come over and want to have some fun, or if your online clan is looking for a change of pace. One good evening of bumping each other off should justify the four bucks easily.