Two weeks left and then we’re done. Thursday, May 1st we are going to wrap up the regular season of our student ministry. Then we’ll break for a month before heading into summer programming. Usually summer is organic with little structure. It’s a time for us to be SIMPLY AVAILABLE.

The reason for the change in structure is because we focus most of our energy to improve by fall. Granted we are always tweaking and readjusting, but there are certain seasons when we break things open and really take a deeper look at what needs to be done to create a more effective ministry. Three action steps we take to improve our ministry are:

ACTION STEP #1 – Survey The Rookies: No one has a fresher perspective of your ministry then the men and women who started serving in the last year. Ask them to give you the brutal truth of what went well, what was not clear and where you could improve. Their feedback might be sobering; however, it will help you get out of the trenches and see the big picture.

ACTION STEP #2 – Feed Your Team: During the year most of your focus is on the teens and their families. Block out certain seasons where you just pour into your volunteers. Survey where they would like to grow as ministers. Give them resources to review. Take them out for a bite one on one and just let them know how grateful you are for their commitment. A team that feels fed will strengthen the core of your ministry.

ACTION STEP #3 – Rest: Everyone needs to take a break. If you don’t find time to stop and breathe you’ll only find yourself resenting the job you love. Their are spiritual, physical, and emotional consequences to not giving yourself some time to walk away. Look at your calendar and plan a day (Or a week) where you just focus on enjoying life. Put up away messages and turn off the wifi. When you return you’ll have a clear perspective and a whole lot of energy.

You should always look to improve your ministry. There are always more teens to reach and more families to impact. Set aside seasons in your ministry when you can perform the right action steps. Put them down, share them with others and watch your ministry grow.

What other action steps should youth ministers take to improve their ministry?