Too many youth ministries build their student leadership team around the cute, fun and popular kids – letting these kids decide what activities land on the calendar. That’s admirable, but I’m not sure it’s the best strategy. Many of these kids view “leadership” as synonymous with “popularity.”

These students need to know that leadership is serving. It’s our fault as leaders if we grant the title “leader” to a teenager and they don’t serve. Leadership is not reserved for the kids who show up all the time and are the most active.

Leadership should be reserved for those who serve.

Taking it a step deeper, I would add that student leaders are committed to growing in their faith—really seeking to deepen it. That’s a powerful combination for a teenage leader. A commitment to grow AND serve. Wow!

When they grasp these two elements: (1) spiritual growth & (2) service… they will more likely be able to identify and understand the title “leadership.”

I have only seen a handful of students who get this on their own… most need to be taught, reminded, and have strong models living it out.

Question: What are you doing this summer to challenge your teenagers to be leaders? Let us know HERE.