I haven’t had one of those “I have nothing to show for this weekend” type of a weekends in a long time. This was finally one of them!

Of course, that doesn’t count if you include a pile of serious quality time with the family and a few services at Saddleback. But, I didn’t work on any projects, stayed far away from email and basically shut myself off from getting anything productive done except investing in relationships and relaxing.

And I did watch a couple of movies.

The first of which was Lady in the Water, which Matt dragged me to on Friday. Not only was the storytelling weak and uninspired, the visuals left me really wanting more. When they wanted to explain part of the story, a character just talked for 3 minutes about what would happen next – then you watched it on screen. Then when that was over he got up for 3 minutes and talked about what would happen next, then you watched it. Repeat and rinse a few more times and that’s the movie.

Aside from a few neat angles it was totally lame, I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay for the ticket (Thanks, McGill). Read Treece’s thoughts if you think there’s anything redeemable there, because I sure didn’t. C-

The second movie was My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which I saw tonight with the Fields’ family. Talk about a bomb – terrible plot, horrible special effects and the worst acting since Justin Met Kelly. Put that quote on the trailer! I didn’t know if I should be embarrased more for Uma Thurman for being in the movie, or me for being in the movie theater! The only redeeming quality is that I got to see the train wreck with friends, so you can talk about how bad it was forever and ever. All bad movies from now until I die will be compared to this one.

Though I did like the guy from The Office being in it. Anyhow, super-lame, I’m again just glad I didn’t have to pay for the ticket (Thanks, Fields). Allison agrees on how lame it was. D-