Tomorrow I leave for Syracuse, NY to join my good friend Duffy Robbins in teaching a 1-day seminar on Saturday called, “Speaking To Teenagers.” It’s a great seminar that is lots of fun, helpful and very practical. There will be a few hundred youth workers there who will be better equipped for the opportunity of teaching teenagers.

But…it just scratches the surface of the incredible task of communication.

As much as we love presenting this seminar, we have come to believe that we can help people in a more effective way by spending additional time with them in a smaller setting. Instead of hundreds, we are going to gather 20-30 youth workers for 2 straight days (instead of jamming all the info into 1 day) and really work on crafting messages and speaking skills. This workshop IS NOT limited to youth workers (our first sign up is an associate pastor), we want to offer it to anyone who wants to be a more effective communicator.

We’re very excited about this new format and would love to invite you to join us.

Here’s the vitals:
May 11-12
Southern California (Orange County)
Conference price: $199 (does not include lodging/food)
Register here: http://www.speakingtoteenagers.com/2dayworkshop.html

In addition to the instruction time, there will be opportunities for some from the group to present a short message and receive immediate feedback and coaching (highly encouraged, but not mandatory).

We will stop registration at 30 participants. The first ones who sign up will be the ones who are given priority choice of presenting a short (10-15 minute) message for critique in content and delivery.