Angela and I were married 10 years ago today!

Hard to believe it’s been that long – we were married early in life at 21, had five fabulous years together before kids and have been loving the last five with kids, too. We’ve got Christian, Austin and Alexis, and coming soon this fall our friend Jadin will join us as well.

We’ve lived in Wisconsin (.5 year), Wyoming (.5 year), Michigan (8) and now finally settled for life in California (2). We’ve lived in 6 houses, been to 6 countries and served in 3 churches. Youth ministry isn’t exactly an easy profession to be married to either, and I admire her for working alongside me in the trenches for that season and now fully embracing the calling of motherhood.

Life is good, and my wife is amazing. Here’s a few of the 1,000 reasons I’m still crazy after all these years.

Angela loves unconditionally
I have never questioned her love for me, even when I am a knucklehead and she should have left me

Angela is georgeous

I am obnoxious, which sounds somewhat similar, but isn’t something as good to be

Angela is the best mother in the world
OK, I’m a guy, so I can’t even be a mom. But if I could be, she would own me

Angela is beautiful
Beautiful is not a word that has often been used to describe me

Angela is kind and considerate
Don’t get me started

Angela is honest and transparent
I sincerely want to be, but usually end up being shallow or fake

In short, I love this woman more than I have at any other point in life. Thank you for saving yourself for marriage, being completely faithful in marriage, and putting up with a guy who doesn’t deserve you either. You are amazing.