One of my favorite things about our team is that we love to be around each other. We have a blast during the week in the offices, we go to lunch together, we do life together and it is incredible. I encourage that in any office until no end. There is only one problem with this and that is when that bleeds over onto the weekend services where we tend to flock to each other and hang out rather than being with the students that are walking right past us.

On the weekend, we should implement a 10-foot rule amongst leaders. What this means is that no leader should be within 10 feet of another leader. In fact, within that 10 feet should be students that we are engaging with.

Benefits of this rule:

  • We are there for the students during service, not each other. We are there to serve the students, to know the student, connect with the students. We connect all week and the weekend services should not be the place to do it.
  • It will spread us out. Clumps of people are intimidating for new students. If all our leaders are spread out, it is less intimidating for a student to talk to a leader.
  • We will cover more ground. One of my goals on the weekend is to make sure that every student that walks in our doors in connected with one of our weekend leaders before they leave our building. Being 10 feet from each other will help everyone spread out and make sure we do our best to make sure every student is connected with.
  • It will help us all remember that church is about people. It is about the relationships and connections we all make. If there was no people, there would be no church and we are not doing our jobs. This will get us out of our comfort zone of people we know and love and help us get out and get to know and love new people.

It is simple but I think it can be really effective if we really focus on this idea.