Just sent out this email tonight to the podcast subscription list:

Simply Youth Ministry Podcast The BIG 1-Year Celebration Show

The Simply Youth Ministry Podcast turns 1!

As we were recording Show #40 last week we realized we were going to cross the 1-year mark on our little podcast. Who knew that what started out an idea over a below-average meal at a Persian cafe would turn into a youth-ministry-tour-de-force with over 1.4 billion* listeners!

*Youth pastors have been known to exaggerate when talking to other youth pastors about numbers. Some think it is a self-preservation method of defense.

So we’re planning a party! Would you help us with the big celebration next week? We’ll be accepting ideas and contributions all week long – send us an email with your:

  • favorite moments
  • quote of the year
  • least favorite moment
  • youth ministry wisdom highlight (good luck with that one)
  • worst moment
  • biggest surprise
  • nominations for best dressed, least likely to ever get a real job, and other categories you invent!
  • what made you laugh
  • what made you cry
  • what made you hurl
  • nominate the episode where Doug’s hair looked the thickest

We’ll talk about the demise of “chem,” the rise of the auido show, Andy’s yip and so much more – we’ll even present the check for Tanzanian goats from our eBay charity auctions! Get caught up on the latest episodes and send us that email today!

Much podlove from our iTunes to yours,
The SYM Podcast Team

PS: Check the special 33-second video podcast today for a special treat just for podcast watchers. Grab it in iTunes or Feedburner now!