25 Oct 2017

Do you need me?

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“Mama, do you need me?” my 2-year old daughter, Hope, cried from the living room.

The truth is, I didn’t.

When Hope cried out to me, I was cooking dinner – making homemade mac & cheese out of squash. I …

12 Oct 2017

Why you should follow up

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The event’s due date passed and my numbers were bleak.

Worse, I simply hadn’t heard from the majority of people in my youth ministry.

Were they not interested? 

Did they have plans? 

Had they simply forgotten to turn in the

10 Oct 2017

I Just Graduated from DYMU!

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In my time as a student ministry intern at Church at the Mall, I’ ve been blessed by my overseers with quite a few awesome resources and opportunities for spiritual learning in ministry.. But I have to say,, the