Reimagine Student Leadership

By DYM Team

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Guest Post: The Youth Ministry Growth Dilemma

By DYM Team

More than anything else I hear, youth workers tell me they want their ministry to grow. They don't want a raise or to make a name for themselves, they just want to impact as many students as possible. Numbers matter because people matter!

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The Key to Asking Vulnerable Questions

By Jen Bradbury

We kicked off our fall programming this year by wrestling with the question, “Does God exist?”, a question prompted – at least in part – by the fact that some of our freshmen are adamant about their belief that God does not exist.

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3 Types of Questions Small Group Leaders Need To Ask

By Justin Knowles

We know there are tons of questions that are being asked in a small group on any given night. There are the questions where the students know that the answer is "Jesus". There are the questions about something that happened in the Bible. There are the questions about life and it has to do with the study. Then there are questions that students ask that have nothing to do with anything. Questions are great for learning. As small group leaders, we need to at least need to have 3 types of questions in our small group every time we meet so they can get the most out of the group and push students to be a better follower of Jesus.

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5 Things That Make Small Groups Successful

By Justin Knowles

Small groups are 4 weeks in and we are already hearing stories of community, break through and life change. That is what Jesus does when students get together. Great small groups don't just happen, they take intentionality. As I was thinking about some of our amazing small group leaders and what makes them successful, here is something that I think makes small groups really successful:

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VIDEO: Life Group Swap

By Josh Griffin

Hilarious new video from Saddleback's youth ministry leader training - replacing all of the students with leaders and all of the leaders with students. Made me laugh out loud several times. Enjoy!'

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Guest Blog: Promoting Volunteers

By DYM Team

Like every other youth worker, I struggle to find volunteers!

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The 3 Best Gifts Leaders Can Give To Students

By Justin Knowles

When it comes to small groups, there are 3 major gifts leaders and give their students. Not all gifts cost money. There are some meaningful things we can give to our students we lead:

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Guest Post: Is The Lock-In Dead?

By DYM Team

You’ve ordered pizzas, booked the church gym, found volunteers crazy enough to stay up all night and planned a lock-in. Somewhere in the mix of sugar highs, junk food, over-the-top games and sleep-deprived delirium, these teenagers will be reached for Christ…or so you hope.

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3 Reasons You Are An Awesome Leader

By Christopher Wesley

I'm an affirmation junky.  I need it to function or else I start to question my value and worth.  It's a problem I'm sure many people face, but it can be pretty isolating.  To address that desire I make sure that MY PRAYER LIFE is a priority and that I find ways to AFFIRM OTHERS.  

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