New Resource from Katie Edwards: IMPACT

By Josh Griffin

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GUEST POST: Finding Out About Student Events

By Josh Griffin

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GUEST POST: Slammed with Rage: Will you React or Respond?

By Josh Griffin

Let’s say you are going about your day, happy and perfectly content. A small obstacle arises, no big deal. But the woman you are faced to deal with in the obstacle, she is raging mad! She blows it out of proportion, blaming you for the cause. What do you do? Do you let the woman bring out the worst in you, and react with rage? Or do you calmly respond and continue on your path towards a solution?

In the natural, we want to react. You know, God worked in me early on concerning reacting to another’s choice of tone. As I mentioned before, I grew up in a dysfunctional family. Lots of anger in the family, mainly between my dad and myself. He would get angry and I would react just the same. I was 22 when God began to show me how to respond rather than react. But it took me having an awareness that when other people get angry, it’s reveals the condition of their mental state. A state that I did not want to be in. With that, I quit hopping in the passenger seat, so they couldn’t drive me there any longer!

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GUEST POST: Who Stole my Staff?

By Josh Griffin

Anybody remember the retro business book “Who Moved My Cheese”? Well, after almost a decade of ministry at the same church, I’ve found myself asking a similar question at times. Who stole my staff?

It’s almost embarrassing and selfish to admit. And, I’m sure many of you have either thought or even asked it yourselves. Maybe your question is “who stole my” - musician, intern, worship guy (or girl) or best of all “who stole my volunteers”? In a growing ministry, there’s no escaping this dynamic. Although the intentions are good, it seems like everyone eventually moves on to bigger and better things. Here are a few thoughts that help me when I look up all-of-the-sudden and wonder where everybody went:

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YS IDEA LAB: Chap Clark on the 3 Stages of Adolescent Development

By Josh Griffin

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Seattle Seahawks Story of Faith: Superbowl Halftime Video

By Josh Griffin

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Annual Membership Blitz Ends Today!

By Josh Griffin

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When Not Changing Works

By Justin Knowles

Things are constantly changing. It's crazy isn't it? It feels like things are changing at a faster rate than ever before. There is a new iPhone every 6 months. There is a new hot TV show every season. The culture as a whole is making a huge change and it's all happening pretty fast. When we look at the lives of our students they are changing as well. Their lives are dramatically changing. In high school hen we get them as freshmen they are completely different when they leave as a senior.

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Let it go (if you can)

By Rachel Blom

Last week, we took our 6-year old son for the first time ever to the movies to see Frozen. He hated it unfortunately, a combination of a bit too much princess stuff and the frightening experience of a scary snow monster on a big screen.

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News Parents Need

By Leneita Fix

"Partnering with Parents," seem to be the buzz words around the youth ministry water cooler. Earlier this week we saw an amazing video interview with Jim Burns on this topic. (You can watch that here.) We are constantly talking about the importance of what it means to come along side a parent and support them in their journey with their children.

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