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For The Days You Want to Quit

By Jen Bradbury

This is for the days you want to quit.

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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, when you want to quit, i quit, ym jen, youth pastor life, remember, quit the church, jen bradbury, ymjen, quitting, calling


By Neely McQueen

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5 Assumptions Small Group Leaders Need To Stop Making

By Justin Knowles

Everyone assumes certain things at times. As a small group leader and ministry leader I also fall into the trap of assuming some things and it usually ends up hurting me more than helping me. I want to share 5 assumptions small group leaders need to stop making about leading their group and I know we will see some healthier, happier, growing groups.

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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, leaders, leadership, small group leaders, Small Groups, student ministry, small group training, ASSUMPTIONS

POLL: Separating Junior and Senior High?

By Josh Griffin

I talk to lots of youth workers and a subject that comes up pretty often centers around splitting junior and senior high students. Right now I serve in a program that keeps them almost exclusively separate, though I've worked in a very effective ministry where they were combined. Today's poll is simple - do you have programs that are largely separate or together! Vote now!


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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, separating junior and senior high, vote now, junior high ministry, separate youth programs, youth ministry polls, high school ministry

Strongest negative teen emotions: humiliation

By Rachel Blom

To this very day, I remember every little detail. We’d been to the movies, a unique event for my family since my parents were pretty strict on what we could watch. We were walking back and my sister and my dad were talking about his Amsterdam accent.

I grew up in the east of The Netherlands and my dad is from Amsterdam, which has by Dutch standards a pretty strong accent. I was maybe 10 or 11 and I said I could do his accent. He didn’t believe me, so I gave it my best shot. And tanked it.

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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, EQ, humiliation, teenage struggles

33% Off Love, Sex and Relationship Resources at DYM

By Josh Griffin

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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, relationships, Facebook Official, youth ministry sale, saddleback hsm, recommended youth ministry resources, love, Doug Fields, crazytown, youth ministry resources, love is in the air, Justin Knowles, Sex, resources, facebook, Josh Griffin

Taking Risks Like A Pro

By Christopher Wesley


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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, leadership, failure, courage, risks

Kevin Moore on Helping Parents in Our Youth Ministry

By Josh Griffin

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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, parents, videos, parent ministry, ministering to parents, kevin moore

4 Reasons We Have a 1-off Between Youth Group Teaching Series

By Josh Griffin

We used to do our weekend teaching series in our youth ministry back-to-back, but recently we’ve been doing more 1-offs in-between series. Is there a strategy, you ask? Kinda-sorta … here are some current thoughts, chime in with yours in the comments, too!

A 1-Hit-wonders between teaching series…

… gives you extra time to gear up for what’s next.
I like the space between series because it gives us a chance to breathe. We get a little bit of extra time to work with volunteers on a new stage design, get the word out for an extra week, and let’s everyone let down just a bit. Not that the 1-off’s are throw away by any means, but they are certainly less effort than a series kickoff or finale for sure.

… lets the primary communicator take a weekend off.
Taking a break between series also gives you a chance to take a break. You know that I totally believe in the power of different voices, so why not use the in-between weeks as a way to bring up other communicators. Plus, you need the break for sure.

… allows you to hit topics that aren’t big enough for a whole series.
Building in some 1-hit-wonders to your teaching calendar is a good idea because there are a ton of topics you want/need to cover from God’s Word that simply don’t warrant an entire series. When you work out the big arcs of where you’ll be teaching in the next season, build in some other opportunities to address issues that can be tackled in a week, too.

… it provides an opportunity for you to address current issues/problem areas.
When a current event hits the scene and fits a topic you want to cover, you’ve got a spot for that. When a crisis hits your youth group, you’ve got room to address it. When you see a weakness or blind spot in your ministry, you can jump right on it. Having some “off” weeks will give you a chance to plan for more Spirit-led surprise weekends.


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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, one hit wonder, you own the weekend, Speaking To Teenagers, teaching series, 1-offs, bible teaching topics

YS IDEA LAB: Jonathan McKee on Getting Teens Talking

By Josh Griffin

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Topics: Youth Ministry Posts, NYWC, Youth Specialties, youth worker conferences, YS, National Youth Workers Convention, Jonathan McKee, how to get teens to talk, getting teens talking

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Josh is the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. He’s the co- founder of DYM and is the father of 4 who speaks a little, writes a little, Twitters a bit, and blogs a lot.

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Geoff Stewart

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