Fun New Leader Introduction!

By Colton Harker

So for the past year, every time we introduce a new team member, we have done our own version of a talk show. We have had a total blast with it and it allows our students to have fun with and get to know new leaders in our ministry.

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Using movement to engage teens

By Jen Bradbury

Like many congregations, mine uses a traditional educational hour or Sunday school format. This means that our junior high and high school students meet separately for 45-minutes each on Sunday mornings.

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Focus Focus Focus... Squirrel

By Justin Knowles


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Will It Burn Is One Hot Youth Ministry Game

By DYM Team

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7 ways to cultivate spiritual curiosity

By Jen Bradbury

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Working With The Opposite Gender In Youth Ministry

By DYM Team

The “No Purple” ministry has become a standard rule of thumb in many youth groups. Most of us make sure to remind our volunteers: female students should be mentored by female youth leaders and male students by male leaders.

Neely McQueen, Student Ministries Pastor at Overlake Church in Washington, believes youth groups that adopt this standard are missing out. She believes it can be very healthy for students to have discipleship-based relationships with leaders of the opposite gender.  

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How To Get Parents Involved In Youth Ministry

By DYM Team

If you’re an experienced youth leader, you know the importance of involving parents in your ministry. But so much time is spent caring for and developing students and volunteers, that the opportunity to support and equip parents can so easily become a dream instead of a reality.

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Do You Ever Wonder If You’re Making a Difference?

By Josh Griffin

Because of our work at Download Youth Ministry, I talk to youth workers everyday in one way or another (face-to-face, blog, email, phone, skype…even smoke signal occasionally). It’s interesting to me that one of the top questions and concerns I hear from them is, “Do I have what kids need?” That’s a fair question! I often wonder it myself. I’m a dad of a teenager with 3 more right behind and I wonder, “Do I have what kids need.” I don’t dress like them, I don’t listen to their music, I don’t share their likes, fears and concerns. What do I offer? 

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How To Disciple Like Jesus

By Justin Knowles

Short post today, but it's something I'm challenged with as we try and follow the greatest leader to live.

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Social Media Stories Wanted for New Teen Documentary

By Josh Griffin

Do your teens obsess every Instagram photo they post? And then track all their likes and comments like currency in their social bank account? Same here! Well, then they may be perfect characters for an independent documentary film our friends over at Conscious Minds are making. 
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Josh Griffin


Josh is the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. He’s the co- founder of DYM and is the father of 4 who speaks a little, writes a little, Twitters a bit, and blogs a lot.

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Geoff Stewart

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