9 Things To Do Today That Will Help Your Ministry Tomorrow

By Justin Knowles

If you are anything like me, you can get overwhelmed because your “things to do” list is way bigger than your “things done” list. I love structure and systems and if I don’t have it, I’m literally all over the place. Even during my normal work week, I need structure and I have blocked out times for when I work on sermons, answer emails, think about future etc.

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What You Celebrate They Repeat

By Justin Knowles

Who doesn't like to celebrate things?

Surprisingly lots of ministries forget to do this. Ministry is a job that we will never fully see the end result. There is always work to be done, a meeting to be had, a service to plan. It can be really easy to get caught up in the go, go, go of ministry because there is always something coming up. We never seem to take a minute to look back of what you, your team and God has just done in that service, at that camp, at that event. I love looking forward, but your volunteers need to know that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, that they are doing well at it and they are being used by God to make an impact. This DOES NOT happen unless you as the leader...STOP and CELEBRATE with them.

As the leader it is OUR JOB to make the celebration happen. Make sure at your next volunteer meeting you celebrate what God is doing in your ministry. Ask your leaders for stories. Make sure you celebrate those leaders who are going above and beyond. Make them an example of how to lead. Make sure you allow them to tell stories in celebration of how God is working in your students. Make sure in your next staff meeting you get up and celebrate a few things you have seen in your ministry so everyone can get a feel and get excited for what is going on.

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Download Youth Ministry Podcast: Episode 295

By Josh Griffin

Another episode of the Download Youth MInistry Podcast. Enjoy the show - and please be sure to visit and thank our sponsors Orange, Leadertreks, YM360 & Azusa Pacific University. Just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for listening!

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4 Questions To Ask About Your Ministry Program

By Justin Knowles

Things are rolling in this season of our ministry. Both the student ministry and the college ministry of Christ’s Church of the Valley are moving forward and by the grace of God, we have not ran it into the ground yet. In a few weeks our team is going out for a team planning day. We will have lunch, coffee, sit around and talked about what is to come in the next season. Needless to say I am stoked! But as we have been planning here are some great questions we had to answer in order for us to move forward effectively:

Why are we doing this? – We don’t want to do something just to do it. As tempting or cool as something might be, we want to have a purpose or reason why we are doing a certain series or event. When we answer this, we then can help get everyone on board, get our volunteers excited and everyone knows what the goal is. When you know where you are going, you can actually get there.

Is this the best we can do? – When we decide what we want to do and why, the question is, “Is this the best way possible to do it?” Am I able to give this my best? Is the best use of our resources? Can we do something else that is more effective? I stole this event process from Josh Griffin and it’s “best idea wins”. What is the best way to pull this off to make it awesome.

What are we doing that is not working? – This one is a little tougher. This is going to have you and the team look at what your ministry is doing right now and evaluate it. We might have started something a while ago but it has lost its touch, effectiveness, and spark. This will lead you to the last question, which is…

What needs to die? – When something needs to die, it needs to die. I know that everything you do in your ministry right now at one time solved a problem at one time. The question is, “Is that problem already solved and are we still doing that thing?” If the answer is “yes” then it is time to look at that thing and kill it. It points you back to the first question of “Why are we doing this?” If you can’t answer it, kill it. If the answer to “Is this the best we can do?” is “No”, then kill it. If you determine it’s not working as well as it once used to, then kill it. You will see how much more momentum you will gain when you don’t have that dead wait.

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How to Communicate with Parents by Text While You're at Summer Camp

By Josh Griffin

Parents adored our communication at summer camp in the past and I'm not sure I ever really recorded some of the stretegy about it up to this point! Parents need some communcation while their kids are away - but how much? And what kind? If you want parents singing your praises when they pick their kids up, put some thought into it! Here are a few of mine, adapated from a text conversation from a friend running it this week! 

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Do Your Students Think Of Your Ministry As A Place To Discuss, Doubt & Process?

By Justin Knowles

So I don’t know if you have noticed yet, maybe you don’t have a TV or any form of social media, but there is a TON of things happening around us. People are flooding to social media putting up opinions for all to see (which is not a bad thing, everyone has that right). My mind goes to the question, “What does this mean for my ministry and my students?” because I don’t doubt they are seeing a bunch of different articles being posted left and right about a whole bunch of things and they will have a ton to process and a ton of questions. Where can they do this safely? My hope is in your ministry. One of the safest places on the planet to talk through life, faith and culture should be their student ministry.

Developmentally, most don’t have the ability to fully process everything they are hearing, reading and seeing. What does this mean for us youth pastors? It means we need to provide an atmosphere for students to discuss, bring up, and have conversations about what is going through their heads. When students are talking about stuff, it helps them process their thoughts, and when they are processing their thoughts they are growing and learning.

One of the best things we can do for our student ministries is to make sure we create a safe place for students to think, bring up doubts and confusions without fear of judgment or fear of ridicule from their pastor and volunteers to begin to walk through some great questions on faith, culture and the doubts and questions that come along with it. If it’s life transformation we are all after in the lives of students it starts with learning about the heart, the desires, the thoughts, the lives of those who are in our care and pointing them back to Jesus. Your service, program, room (whatever you do) should be a safe place for students to talk and process through and we are there to help, guide, pray with them through it all. Side note: All of that could be squashed in two seconds by a “not really thought through” post on social media. They are watching to see how you respond to whatever is big at the time.

Jesus was the best at asking questions. Read the through the Gospels and you will see. Questions start conversations and dig into lives and lets people know you care for them and the same goes with students in our youth ministry. Asking our students questions shows we care about what they have to say and we can begin these conversations.

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HSM Summer Camp 2016 Live Feed

By Josh Griffin

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Embracing Pokemon's Pokestop at Your Church

By Josh Griffin

A ton of places of worship are Pokemon "stops" or "gyms" from the incredibly popular new Pokemon Go app. It is easily the videogame sensation of the year! It also presents an incredibly unique opportunity for many churches to embrace the floods of people swinging by their property to play the game.

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How to respond to parents' questions

By Jen Bradbury

A week ago, I held a logistics meeting for our combined junior high and high school mission trip. This is an interesting trip because it's filled with a mix of students, some of whom are going on their first ever mission trip; Others who are veteran mission trip participants who have gone on 6-7 trips.

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Download Youth Ministry Podcast: Episode 294

By Josh Griffin

Another episode of the Download Youth MInistry Podcast. Enjoy the show - and please be sure to visit and thank our sponsors Orange, Leadertreks, YM360 & Azusa Pacific University. Just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for listening!

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